Forward Thinking

Valuation is driven by what happens on the margin, and net-zero will drive real estate values in future. We focus on enhancing asset values with comprehensive retrofits. 

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Meet Our Strategy Team


With backgrounds in economics, electrical engineering and accounting, we create value by bringing long industry experience to bear on your problems. 

Our central focus is on financial risk management pertaining to energy, and achieving the optimal balance of maximal property values and minimal GHG-emissions.

DaBx Demand Side Solutions consulting renewable energy economics

Dabx Demand Side Solutions in Bronx

Beyond The Box

'Energy efficiency' produces diminishing returns and capital destruction. We focus on increasing asset values based on solid capital budgeting, while reducing GHG-emissions with renewable energy retrofits. 

Risk Management

We offer services along the continuum of energy procurement, risk management, including the economics of make or buy decisions about renewable energy retrofits, driven by increasing propergy values. 

Sensible Solutions

We don't confuse O&M savings with capital investments. We focus on retofits that improve asset values and achieve 70-80+% GHG reductions.